In life, if you have to cross from one location that is separated by a river, lake or valley, to another, there’s always a bridge. The bridge takes you from where you are to where you are supposed to be. Life is a movement from one location to another. Life is a mystery and all activities of man are mysterious. You need to have a spiritual awakening and understanding to grasp this. This is because to resolve most life issues, you need a movement from the natural to the supernatural. The reason is simple because the physical is always not able to solve life’s challenges because it is controlled by the supernatural. What I am trying to communicate is that you need the supernatural to resolve most of the natural challenges. To get into the supernatural, you need a bridge. God has provided a bridge to let you cross easily and this bridge is called faith. The bridge enables man to cross over from the natural into the supernatural. However, this bridge may be available without being used. In fact what many people need at various times is to access the supernatural using this bridge to access and resolve issues in their lives. If this bridge called faith is not available, you will be stuck. In the lives of many people, however, Satan has stolen this bridge and given them the opposite called ‘unbelief’. Unbelief is a very powerful tool that stops Christians from attaining their full life potentials in their life journey and these manifests in various ways. Unbelief is so powerful that Jesus limited what He could do in Matthew 13 because of it.

  • Unbelief is so powerful that it will stop God’s work in your life.
  • Unbelief is so powerful that it will keep God at a distance from you.
  • Unbelief is so powerful that you can spend the rest of your life stuck where you are and never cross over to see the supernatural.

Your belief is counted unto you as righteousness. God says ‘I will count you as righteous even though you are not, simply because you believe’. Abraham believed unto Him as the Bible says and it was counted for him as righteousness. The reason is just because he believed God. The devil does everything he can to tear down your belief system. Everyone has a measure of faith that would carry him or her from the natural into the supernatural to have an encounter with the spiritual realm and manifest an abundance of positive physical results. You see, it will not be right for salvation to be based on belief and God will not give one enough faith to be saved. We all have measures of faith so whatever we do with it is left to us. Unbelief is one of the greatest hindrance to your advancement in life and in some capacity it is the root of nearly every sin. It could be defined as Believing and acting based on an individual’s and the world’s lies instead of God’s Truth in His Word.In Luke chapter 8, Jairus nearly fell to unbelief when he heard that his daughter had died. Jesus reassured him in Luke 8:50“…Do not be afraid; only believe, and she will be made well.” Only believe! Unbelief is a great hindrance to the manifestation of the power of God for miracles in your life. If your life must amount to anything this year, you must start now to believe God and learn to defeat unbelief. Unbelief is a “Satanic force”. This force is counterproductive and the opposite of faith. We are called believers but many people are walking in unbelief and I call them unbelieving believers. Unbelief has the power to change your reasoning and control your emotions. Unbelief is unreasonable; it is obstinate, rebellious, prejudiced, insolvent and stubborn. Unbelief is self-willed, boastful, insensible, hardening and deceitful. No spiritual thing can flourish in an atmosphere of unbelief and doubt. Unbelief requires physical data and evidence rather than faith. This was why Jesus, when He got close to the grave of Lazarus in John 11:40 told Martha the sister of Lazarus saying ‘…Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?’ The people of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. This was the handiwork of unbelief and doubt. Israel was to enter the Promised Land for their settlement but unbelief kept them wandering in the wilderness. Hebrews 3:12 warns Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God;” That means that unbelief creates an evil heart. When your heart is evil, you depart from the living God. In Matthew 14, a father brought a child who was sick. This boy had a mental problem as well as a physical problem. Jesus made us to understand that this problem was as a result of an underlying root cause which was a demon. You cannot get at this underlying cause because it is supernatural. Attempts could be made to resolve the lunatic and physical challenges of the boy but all these will present temporary solution until the root cause is dealt with. Many people are going through a lot of crisis today and are struggling to resolve it with the physical means and efforts that produce temporary relief. You need to use the bridge and get into the supernatural to resolve the issues.

You must deal with unbelief decisively in other to resolve so many issues in your life. Don’t allow unbelief to stop you this year. All the miracles God did through his servant Moses and the ones He did directly did not cure the unbelief of the Israelites and while they thought they were wise in their own eyes, they all perished in the wilderness. Even today many Christians are still living in doubts and unbelief despite all the promises of God, testimonies, miracles, signs and wonders that God has performed in their lives. Several times, those who are close to miracles do not receive because of unbelief caused by pride and familiarity. Anyone called and chosen by God is an altar that can facilitate the effectiveness of your utilization of the bridge into the supernatural to resolve your issues. But the problem is how you utilize such altars. Child of God, don’t be too familiar with your Pastor that you suddenly stop seeing him as the altar made available to resolve certain challenges in your life. You need to put away unbelief in other to get on the bridge into the supernatural and resolve your problems this year.